The Sunflower, folklore says they are a symbol of good luck.

The Sunflower, folklore says they are a symbol of good luck. When we see a sunflower, because of its size of the flower and height of the plant, it does catch your attention. This imposing plant, with its large sun like bloom balancing on its tall slender stalk, normally 7 to 8 feet [...]

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Wild Irish Salmon and Ballyhack Smokehouse

Ballyhack Smokehouse The Irish Wild Salmon have for centuries been returning  from the oceans every year around May to their rivers of origin,  driven by instinct and determination. They fight their way up the rivers against the flow, overcoming obstacles such as weirs and waterfalls with a natural need to reach the upper extremes, [...]

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THE WEXFORD STRAWBERRY County Wexford is renowned for its strawberries which are reputed to be the best in the whole of Ireland. The quality of the fruit is due to the local soils and the extended sun hours that the sunny south east provides. Mostly field grown in tunnels, the sweet morsels of watery [...]

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  Rapeseed Oil crop During the months of May and June, the landscape isbrightened by large fields of small, bright yellow flowers, balancing on a tall stem and swaying in the gentle breeze and on exploring closely your attention is drawn to the definite hum of bees working endlessly to harvest this rich [...]

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