“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost,
to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences”

Join me on my Travels

Highways Byways & Beyond is a collection of personal travel experiences enjoyed by Photographer, Author and Travel Blogger, John Ironside. These experiences are regularly presented as articles in which he highlights areas, activities and services of his experience.

"Middle Staple Tor", Dartmoor, Devon, England. © John Ironside
Lisdoonvarna, County Clare, Ireland. © John Ironside

Experiences to Challenge the Body and Mind

John’s interest in conservation, nature and our environment, local cultures and traditions are the basis for his travels and subsequent articles. Over the years he has travelled to many parts of the world and experienced many different kinds’ of conditions and adventures. These articles are written to encourage you to explore travel, sometimes beyond the ordinary, but always an experience to look back on.

"Noémie Rinckenbach" from Paris chatting to my Nephew, Stan. below "Sharptor" © John Ironside
"Stack" The Cliffs of Moher from below. The cliffs are over 220 mtrs high and stretch for 8 km. County Clare, Ireland County Clare, Ireland. © John Ironside

Home or Far Away

Whether you are driving, caravaning, camping or backpacking, traveling at home or far away, the blog will be a source of encouragement and first-hand information on personally tried travel experiences that will contribute to you achieving your own travel goals.

Sea Salt Cafe and Coffee shop, Doolin, County Clare, Ireland. © John Ironside
Soca River near Kobarid, Triglar National Park,North West Slovenia. &copt John Ironside

A World Of Experience

John has travelled to many parts of our beautiful world, experiencing different climates and natural environments in all sorts of conditions. This Blog is an on-going project and my experiences will be updated regularly.

The effect of travel on you will vary because of personality and personal travel goals. Some people like to travel in the security of a group for support whilst others like to travel on their own. One thing for sure, a broad, wholesome and generous view of man and our environment cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth for all of one’s lifetime.

Moving out of the comfort zone, away from what you imagine is your secure zone, is difficult for most. Even a walk in the rain can pose a challenge.

By not taking these challenges, you never really discover yourself. Is it always about what is safe or easy or what’s uncomfortable or momentarily unpleasant or the task of planning and preparation that limits you travel goals? How can you discover what makes you tick if you don’t move these boundaries outward and try something new; like speaking to new people, experience a completely different lifestyle, experience new cultures or navigate your way around a mountain.

 “Ever changing horizons and new experiences,
within those we truly live in the moment,
we are gifted with the present”

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The Hook Peninsula is a headland located in the South East corner of Ireland in County Wexford. The rugged coastline, fine sand beaches, historic artefacts, ruins from another era, fine gardens, coastal woodland walks [...]

  • Old Albion Binder (1940s) cutting Oats at Our Ladies Island, County Wexford, Ireland.

The Reaper / Binder

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