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Having spent many years as a professional photographer, I have been privileged to be witness to so many wonderful happenings, meeting so many amazing people all over the world and enjoying their cultures, hospitality and experiences. I travelled extensively into Africa, South America, Caribbean and Europe bringing clients into these regions so they too could experience the cultures and traditions of the communities, understand better the environment, the value of conservation and the caring of nature through adventure and environmental travel. Through my photography and travel writing I convey these experiences to others so that they too can enjoy and understand the moments that travel brings with it. If you enjoyed this post please pass it on Thank you.


Along the west coast of Ireland, there are a number of small islands that still carry on traditional skills and crafts passed down through the generations. One such craft is the building of the wooden Currach, a traditional work boat and an essential part of island life. The island of Inishturk is one of these special islands. 5km x 2.5km in size, it is located out in the Atlantic 14.5km off Mayo on the west coast of Ireland.

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This c185 years old Winter Nelis pear tree, planted in this wonderful Georgian Walled Garden built by the Colclough family in the early 19th Century (1830), is slowly loosing its battle for survival, its weather beaten and broken trunk it now forma a creative natural sculpture and a focus of fascination and a tribute to nature today, still flowering and bearing fruit on its last surviving boughs.

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Tory Island, a beautiful weather beaten, stark, silver landscape

This silver landscape of barred rock stripped by the high winds and harsh weather, enhanced by the continuing changes of patterns of light piercing through the clouds of graduated grays, blues and yellows and emerald colour of the Atlantic seas produce an ever changing kaleidoscope with a stark beauty and a great sense of peace

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BRINGING HOME THE "FLOCK" The Sacred island of Caher is an un-inhabited rocky outcrop located about ten miles off Co Mayo on the West Coast of Ireland between the islands of Inishturk and Clare Island. The island is devoid of trees, is about eight acres in size and an undulating grassy terrain. Steep cliffs [...]

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Driving on the Hook Peninsula in County Wexford, I came across Tintern Abbey, a Cistercian Abbey founded by William Marshall, the Earl of Pembroke in c1200. The Abbey was occupied from the 16th Century up to recently by the Colclough Family. Miss Marie Colclough, who lived in the Abbey until the 1960’s, died as recently as 1983.

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