SS Dunbrody, an Irish Famine Story

SS Dunbrody, an Irish Emigrant Story Recently I travelled to New Ross in County Wexford, Ireland to visit the “SS Dunbrody” a three master “Barque” replica of the Famine ships that brought so many Irish emigrants to Canada and the USA during the Famine times at home in the mid [...]

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Mercury, fine lace and natural caves: Slovenia EDEN

Idrija, one of the oldest mining towns in Slovenia. The Mercury Mines, 500 years old legacy of hardship and almost certain early death for the miners while in contrast, the delicate Idrija Lace, a centauries old bobbin lacemaking craft that provided social, creative and economic development for the people of this mining town. Slovenia [...]

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Slovenia North West: an Alpine Eden

On my recent visit to Slovenia, my first introduction to this stunningly beautiful landscape was the drive from Ljubljana Airport along the valley between the Italian / Slovenian Alps to the west and the Triglav National Park to the east, finally crossing a twisting over mountain pass to town of Bovec. These jagged mountain [...]

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Wild Irish Salmon and Ballyhack Smokehouse

Ballyhack Smokehouse The Irish Wild Salmon have for centuries been returning  from the oceans every year around May to their rivers of origin,  driven by instinct and determination. They fight their way up the rivers against the flow, overcoming obstacles such as weirs and waterfalls with a natural need to reach the upper extremes, [...]

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Along the west coast of Ireland, there are a number of small islands that still carry on traditional skills and crafts passed down through the generations. One such craft is the building of the wooden Currach, a traditional work boat and an essential part of island life. The island of Inishturk is one of these special islands. 5km x 2.5km in size, it is located out in the Atlantic 14.5km off Mayo on the west coast of Ireland.

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BRINGING HOME THE "FLOCK" The Sacred island of Caher is an un-inhabited rocky outcrop located about ten miles off Co Mayo on the West Coast of Ireland between the islands of Inishturk and Clare Island. The island is devoid of trees, is about eight acres in size and an undulating grassy terrain. Steep cliffs [...]

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